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Professional Website (Full Startup Package)

Full Package Website

Free domain name (.com, .org, .net, .pk)

AWS Webhosting

Wordpress Website

Ecommerce Ready

2 Personalized Email

Social Media Linkage

Note - Price includes one change per month. Major changes in the site will cost you extra money.

Ecommerce Shop

Ecommerce Website/Shop

Free domain name (.com, .org, .net, .pk)

AWS Webhosting

5 Personalized Email

Multiple payment options including Cash on Delivery

Social Media Linkage

Note - The first 10 products are included in the package, however. If you have a large inventory of products, you have to discuss the options for updates, it may cost you some extra money.

ERP Solutions

TRIM empowers you, your customers, and vendors with dedicated portals for effective communication, with secure transactions and tools to assist in decision-making. We provide the best ERP software that transcends the traditional limitations and boundaries to connect with customers as well as vendors regardless of type of business and geographical locations.